Accidental Soldier – Book Review

Accidental Soldier is a memoir by Dorit Sasson. A dual American-Israeli citizen, Dorit Sasson is a writer for a number of online and print publications that include ‘The Writer’ and ‘The Huffington Post’. Furthermore, Sasson speaks at community centers, libraries, and conferences. She also hosts the ‘Giving Voice to Your Courageous Story’, an international radio show. Dorit Sasson is happily married and has two children, with whom she lives in Pittsburg, PA. To date, Sasson has written four books including Accidental Soldier. An autobiographical account of things, Accidental Soldier is a story about Service and Sacrifice in the Israel Defense Forces.

Accidental Soldier is a book in which Dorit Sasson walks away from her routine life to experience new and totally different things. As she steps into her new life, Sasson faces challenges from the very first moment. Furthermore, she is taken to places she’s never even imagined. Accidental Soldier is a coming of age story of Dorit Sasson. She immigrates to Israel and joins the Israel Defense Forces after she was fed up with her life of an American College student.

After joining the IDF, Sasson is initially scared of everything. She is hesitant to make decisions and or even talk to her fellow soldiers. However, after serving in the military she discovers herself. Dorit Sasson grows greatly during her two years with the Israel Defense Forces. The two years that Dorit Sasson spent with the Israel Defense Forces is an eye-opener for a lot of reasons. Accidental Soldier shows us first-hand how the small nation of Israel converts immigrants from all over the world into patriots. Furthermore, this book shows us how these immigrants immerse in the culture and language of Israel.

Accidental Soldier is a memoir that shows us how a young woman overcomes a legacy of self-doubt and anxiety. Furthermore, it shows us how the Israel Defense Forces helps Sasson to slowly discover her own strengths. An honest, insightful and moving memoir, Accidental Soldier is a must read.

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