Daddy Versus The Suck Monster – Book Review

This is J. Matthew Nespoli’s second published book after Broken. Nespoli is a businessman, an author and a certified crazy person who enjoys life to the fullest with his wife and son Keller in southern California.

Daddy Versus The Suck Monster” is a man’s guide to all that is humorous, surprising and gross about fatherhood, narrated by a first-time dad. The book is full of laughs, dark humor and advices to inform, entertain and frighten a guy who is embracing fatherhood.

It is Nespoli’s own story that starts with him being an average male breed. His standout qualities, as he believes are an impulsive nature, an adventure-seeking personality, an oversexed and occasionally oblivious human being with a strong affection for his wife, he refers to as “The Bride”. When Nespoli is greeted with the news of her expecting a baby, he, like every other man, thinks he is not ready for the new role.

He talks about the bride’s raging hormones, complains about his bank account dwindling over useless baby purchases before finally meeting his newborn. The very first thought in his mind about his son Keller as he held him is that he looks like a lizard. After scanning through hundred of parenting guides, Nespoli decided to do the “man” kind a favor by scripting his own experiences of becoming a father which involves sleepless night, diarrhea volcanoes and the most important: competing against his own son for the affection of the bride, specially her breasts, which made him come up with the title Daddy Versus The Suck Monster in the first place. The book is filled with dark humor, expressed bluntly about matters of sex, marriage and parenthood. Thanks to the author’s absurdist knack for exaggeration, he succeeded in making the most offensive of jokes endurable and forgiving.

Nespoli hasn’t shied out or tried to cover the embarrassments his little monster made him go through in public places. With humor as his secret weapon, he has beautifully portrayed what it is like to be a first-time dad, how it is both rewarding and bounding a free-roaming man, how life changes to changing diapers and fighting over with a little monster for the affection of your wife. But in the end, Nespoli also believes his little monster that has a habit of crying at the oddest of hours is the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Readers will also get acquainted with the “best parenting tips” Nespoli believes everyone should know about. All of these tips have been described wittingly, involving attention-grabbing inferences which have been the author’s personal real-time experiences.

This is one of those books that simply can’t be missed out on by all soon-to-be-fathers and good humor enthusiasts.

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