Be & Believe – Book Review

This book is written by Byron Michaels. The author wrote about his traumatic experience of suffering from a heart ailment in this book. The narration is an amazing expression of the painful incident he went through. He accounts his journey of getting diagnosed with and suffering from a heart ailment.

The author elaborates how he was in his early forties and was expecting a mid life crises. At the age of 45, he was hit by a huge one; heart failure. This book perfectly describes the personal experience of the author through those difficult times. It deals with the insight on suffering from a terrible medical condition. The book very artistically and beautifully defines pain, hospitalization and aches associated with failure of the heart. His story is an excellent compilation of honesty and courage.

The writer not only tells about his painful experiences but also shares how he dealt with them with courage. This narrative defines how the disease hit him when he least expected it. While he was hoping for an interesting turn of events, he was diagnosed with a serious heart failure.

This story is truly an inspiration as it is about the reality of miracles. It is the best piece to read for anyone suffering from a serious health condition or medical crises. The story shows how things can turn around when there is no hope left. The author recounts how he had not expected to get out of this situation in the beginning, but with the help of God and qualified medical professionals, he was saved and given a new life. This book is the best read for anyone who is struggling through tough times in life. It is a perfect reminder of the fact that there is light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how dark the tunnel might be.

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