Everybody Cheats – Book Review

Nina Mancuso was born in Chicago, Illinois. She graduated from Northern Illinois University in English and Anthropology. Presently, she has been working as a technical writer at a software house. Writing has always been her passion and she has been enthralled by writing since her childhood. When she was young, she used to compose songs and novels. She started to keep journals by the time she was 19. Her other interests include working for animal rights. When she has some extra time on her hands, she works for Music City Animal Rescue and helps in saving animals in various areas.

The book is an exceptionally interesting read and tries to evaluate and grasp the reason behind why human beings cheat. We all experience that carnal impulse to cheat or complain of being cheated on, but no one analyzes the reason behind cheating in human behavior. In this book, Nina Mancuso makes an attempt to reach the basic and chief reason behind cheating. Throughout the book, the author explores a range of excuses we give for cheating and what do they really mean. The book also deals with how cheating can affect a society and cause mistrust in relationships.

The writer further inspects and analyzes the reason behind cheating. The book concludes with a notion that each one of us has a person and soul mate waiting for us. However, we need to be independent and self-sufficient enough before we can find that person. All the broken relationships are only because of the reason that we jumped in too quickly without evaluating our primal needs.

The book concludes with the idea that we can find our soul mates; we just need to hold on and have faith in our destiny. This is an excellent narrative about relationships today. No matter how long you stay single for, it is very important to love yourself and be content in your life first before you can welcome another person into it.

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