To the NFL You Sure Started Somethin’ – Book Review

R.D. Griffith makes a powerful entry into the literary world with “To the NFL: You Sure Started Somethin’: A Historical Guide of All 32 NFL Teams and the Cities They’ve Played In”. The readers who yearn to find more about the origin of American football and how the game was played back in the day, then this is the perfect opportunity for them. Grab a copy to find out all important events that shape the history and structure of the game which holds the hearts of the Americans.

R.D. Griffith will take the readers on an ecstatic ride to gain complete knowledge about the major historic events of American football and the salient details and information of the game. From its inception to its journey into the modern era, America football has developed through several stages. Now, NFL is a centralized institution and a phenomenon that has taken root into the soul of Americans.

But the journey of this inspirational game is not without hurdles and complications. The game faced challenges of the Great Depression and two World Wars, which threatened to topple the political and social structure of the nation. The author has successfully included spicy interactions and anecdotes of prominent personalities that made the game what it is today.

For the readers who want to know all about football, this is a must-read. The author has done painstaking research on the subject and have left no stone unturned. Even if you know a little bit about football, to complete your knowledge, reading this comprehensive book is recommended. The readers will find that the author has given a detailed history of each team, so if a reader has a favorite team, this book can help them know all there is to know about it, because the author has unearthed every little fact about each team and has included the informative anecdotes into the book, which will please the hardcore fans of American football.

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