Quick & Easy Stitched Jewelry – Book Review

Cathy Jakicic lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has been making jewelry for over 15 years now. She has authored a book called Jewelry Projects from a Beading Insider and served as the editor-in-chief of the Bead Style Magazine as well.

In Quick & Easy Stitched Jewelry, Cathy Jakicic has blended two important crafts, jewelry making and stitching, tapping on a still unexplored market. It is a simple yet creative book and contains about 20 basic stitched jewelry projects, with a number of variations for each, taking the total number of projects well above 40. Each project is complete with detailed explanations, step by step guide and extra tips and tricks to help the jewelry makers.

Be it adding stitching elements in the jewelry, making flat designs or creating a 3D raised design, this book has everything that can interest a wide range of crafters. The variations are considerably different than the basic designs, requiring different techniques, which makes this book equally useful for comparatively well-practiced jewelry makers as well, while the basic ones appeal to novices. Incorporating beads and stones with fabric is an interesting way to create jewelry that has an ethnic and earthy appeal. Whether you practice the craft of jewelry making at home as a leisure activity or do it professionally to sell, this book has you covered. From basic to expert, it has all you need to know about the relatively unique jewelry making technique; stitched jewelry.

Filled with tips on how to incorporate stitching with the usual jewelry making craft, this book guarantees to help you hone your talent and make you a pro at it without having to go to a professional jewelry making school. Get your hands on this book if you want to practice the art of unique hand-made jewelry.

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