Traveling Daisy – Book Review

Traveling Daisy: A Generational Cancer Story of Disease and Dysfunction is written by the bestselling author Lisa Marie Wilson who is also a comedian and a cancer survivor. Apart from this book, she has also written many spec scripts, feature films, and TV pilots. She is the fifth generation in her family to be diagnosed with cancer.

She is inspired by her dysfunctional family, which makes way for her humor and she believes that laughter is better than Xanax. In Traveling Daisy: A Generational Cancer Story of Disease and Dysfunction, she explores her life to find answer to the question, “Did my dysfunctional life cause my cancer?”

The book has lots of advice on how to deal with cancer – whether it is your own, or if it is someone else’s. Her great grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer, her great grandpa with colon cancer, her grandma had breast cancer, her mom had melanoma cancer, and Lisa was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. In her book, she calls surviving cancer a journey that taught her a lot about how you should deal with cancer and survive the battle against it.

Lisa took care of her mother while she was dying from cancer as well as her grandmother and so the book deals with treatable and terminal cancer and is an honest account of the real struggle albeit with bits of humor squeezed throughout the content. She decided to write the book after her mom died so she could share the story and was diagnosed with the disease a year later. She has also collected some effective tips to prevent cancer, if that is possible.

She looks at her past, her decisions, and experiences to see if she could be the cause of her own cancer and she is quite sure she has found the answer. Traveling Daisy is a refreshing way to discuss something as painful as death and disease.

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