Intoxicated by Amber – Book Review

Intoxicated by Amber an emotional and thought-provoking story written by Velda G. Myles to give readers an idea of how drug addictions can ruin relationships. Her inspiration to write this book came after she lost her husband who was an alcoholic. She is a loving mother of two adult children and lives in Colorado.

The main character in this book is Amber. The author decided to use the name to represent alcohol. As you read the book, you will get to understand how Velda meet her husband Robert, fell in love, and decided to live together as a family. She uses figurative language to describe their whirlwind engagement, romance, and other special moments that they shared before Robert’s sudden death. More importantly, she uses her creative skills to wittily describe how Robert got hooked to alcohol and how the addiction led to his demise. She also goes an extra mile to highlight how she managed to overcome the grief and move on with life after his death.

Intoxicated by Amber is a well-written story that will give you a clearer understanding of everything that the couple goes through as they try to free themselves from alcohol addiction. This is not a fiction-based novel, but a collection of memories of what the two lovers went through. The author used to pen down all her experiences in a 70-page loose-leaf tablet that she was accustomed to carrying around on a daily basis. She hopes that her story will motivate and help other people who are currently struggling with alcohol and other forms of drug addictions to live a better life.

Bottom line; Intoxicated by Amber is a very engaging story that will elicit your deep emotions as the author describes the pitiful experiences that she goes through trying to help her husband quit alcohol.

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