Coffee for Consciousness – Book Review

To succeed in life, you need to know your purpose. Coffee for Consciousness is an instructional book written by Vito Mucci to help you discover your potential and capabilities. The motivation to write this book came from the experiences that he went through battling addictions and PTSD. The many positive reviews that it has garnered so far, is enough proof that the information it provides is implementable and capable of helping one live a better life.

By reading this book, you will learn how to follow your bliss as well as simple steps that you can take to live in the now. Most people are conversant with the two phrases, “Follow your bliss” and “Live in the Now,” but lack information on how to apply them in real life. The author works smart to describe the various risks and challenges that we face on a daily basis. He goes an extra mile to provide proven tips on how to overcome the challenges that hinders you from achieving your objectives. The book also highlights how our inherent beliefs about ourselves can get in way of achieving a conscious presence in the world.

The ideas and beliefs that you have are the lenses that you use to look and think about the world around you. By reading this self-help book, you will get a clearer and better perspective about your life and the world at large.

Coffee for Consciousness is an intriguing book that will provide you with a blueprint to help you make a positive change in life and realize the reason why you are on this planet. The author did a great job to debunk common myths and beliefs in a compassionate and humorous way. Read this book to learn how you can live a holistic life as well as proven healing practices that you can use to free yourself from addictions.

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