Mastering Your Choices – Book Review

Mastering Your Choices is a motivational book that is tailored to help you live life to the fullest and achieve your goals. Geof Kaufman, the author of this amazing self-help novel, used to work in the U.S Navy and lives in Tacoma, Washington. The experiences that he went through firsthand in various parts of the world such as Europe, Asia, United States, and his Navy Career gave him immense wisdom about life and the importance of making the right decisions.

Mastering Your Choices is a fascinating book that will give you crucial tips and secrets on how to transform your life by making informed decisions every day. Unlike other similar books, this one focuses on virtually all facets of life such as relationships, career, prosperity, health, happiness, and many more. By using realistic examples, Geof, describes how you can start taking full control of your life by making smart choices. As you continue reading the book, you will get crucial tips on how to increase your awareness of the daily choices that you make both consciously and subconsciously. More importantly, you will learn how to make the right choices consistently and avoid forces that can unduly hinder you from achieving your goals.

Geof Kaufman did a great job to compile all the lessons that he had learned over the years in an easy to understand novel. By reading this novel and applying the skills that it highlights, you will successfully steer your life in the right direction. The examples that the author uses are not fairytales, but personal experiences that he went through as well as observations that he made working as a US Navy Enlisted Sailor and Officer in various parts of the world. Learn how you can improve your life through making informed decisions consistently, by reading this tested and approved motivational novel.

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