Change Your Life Through WRITING – Book Review

Have you ever tried jotting down your thoughts on paper? If you haven’t, you might wonder why people keep a daily diary or a journal. It is about time you realized the importance of writing your thoughts and ideas because writing is an art, and as with all kinds of art, it has the power to change your life. Your thoughts, dreams, aims, ambitions, ideas, opinions and perceptions are entirely your own. They contribute to your individual personality and no one else can replace them. By giving a language to your emotions and feelings, you unlock the door towards ensuring success in your life by incorporating changes which are just right for you. It is your life and you control how you write it.

Change Your Life Through WRITING by Roger Lown introduces the unique notion about changing your life through your writing skills. Writing leads to self-discovery; you understand more about yourself, your goals, and your priorities. Have you ever written about something which had been nagging you for a long time only to find that it didn’t bother you anymore? That is the beauty of writing. Not only will you be able to relieve your worries, you can explore creativity in a new dimension.

This book will help you if you are aspiring to be a writer or you are just looking for a creative means to change your life. It contains writing tips and secrets which you will find highly useful in giving a language to your ideas, to make them flow uninterrupted on paper. These days, a lot of writing is done through a keyboard, but it doesn’t stop us using the traditional pen and paper for writing. Just choose whatever you are comfortable with, and unlock your true potential by writing your heart out. It really works!

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