The Student-Athlete Playbook – Book Review

Written by Barry Brown, this book is a gem for student-athletes, teachers, coaches, principals, parents and athletic directors. It provides students with motivation, inspiration and the desire to excel in classroom, sports and life in general. The book discusses the key notion that the passion you have in your classroom is the same you will have in sports, and in your whole life in order to achieve your goals.

The Student-Athlete Playbook explores the qualities and characteristics which make a student a student-athlete. It brings new ways and techniques on conducting and training yourself as a student-athlete and gives sound advice on making your game strong both in the classroom and in the field. Whatever sports team you may be a part of; be it soccer, football, basketball or hockey, to name a few, this book will serve as your guide so that you may achieve success and greatness in all aspects of your life.

If you have been experiencing any kind of issues balancing sports with classroom, this book is your ultimate rescue. It provides ‘life plays’ which will help you strike the perfect balance between work and play to ensure success for you in all areas of your life. It provides workable and practical tidbits which can be easily followed in your tough and hectic routine, providing you with the chance to guarantee your success as a student-athlete.

It has the potential of becoming the popular choice among student-athletes as their ultimate guide to success and survival in rising competitions of today. Get the most out of this book by employing the practical approaches highlighted in its pages which will surely be your ticket to progress, growth and success in your career as a sports-athlete.

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