Drumopedia – Book Review

Dan Britt has spent a significant amount of time practicing and researching the elaborate art of drumming. He has authored two books based on the subject titled Rhythm 101, and Drumopedia: A Handbook for Beginning Drumset.  He also edited Modern Drum Set Stickings which was authored by Swiss Chris, an award-winning book. When he is not writing about drumming, he’s teaching at various drum events that are among the best of their kind.

His achievements include being on the cover of The Black Page Drum Magazine, presenting at the prestigious Cape Breton Int’l Drum Festival, and PASIC as well. He uses the teachings of Drumopedia to teach his students about the basics of drumming. Residents of Northern New Jersey, people of all ages and stages, are welcome to become his students.

Drumopedia is a comprehensive drumming guide for beginners, as the title suggests. It comprises of twenty three chapters, each planned out elaborately to take the learner ahead just one careful step at a time. Being a forward thinking drummer himself, he has construed this book for everyone out there who thinks like him about drumming. Drumopedia has been esteemed as one of the best and most comprehensive guides by the most honored New York based legendary drummer and teacher Rick Corwin. The book takes the reader step by step through the basic notations, to becoming a drummer extraordinaire.

It’s extremely easy to use because the font and manner of the book has been designed in a way that one van way that you can sit in front of your drum kit, and follow the instructions carefully and with proper finesse. Dan made sure that the book helps self-learning students as well as the teachers who wish to incorporate the book in to their music curriculum.

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