Thru A Dogs Eyes – Book Review

A passionate dog lover, John Jay Gafford lives with his family in Attleboro mass. They own a beautiful dog named Reba that is an American English bulldog. Jay and his wife Kim are happy that Reba allows them to stay in her house. This is Jay, which reflects every single bit of his love for dogs’s first book.

The book is written literally from a dog’s perspective. Jayden, a Chow mix, has come to the inevitable discover that life on the streets is very hard. The book starts with a direct address to the reader from Jayden herself. It’s a witty little piece, as Jayden answers the questions running through the reader’s mind. For example, “You’re probably saying to yourself that dogs can’t talk, never mind write a book. Well if you’re a dog lover, you know we can talk in our own ways…” and dedicates the book to “her humans” Jay and Kim.

Jay and Kim rescued Jayden from the City’s Dog Pen, and cared for her all her life. She had adjusted well to the family and then neighborhood – maybe even had fallen in love with the neighbor’s charming Labrador. Her life was never better. Suddenly, fate takes her away from her mommy and daddy, and everyone is left saddened with the loss of their best friend.

Jay started writing this book when his real life dog, Jayden, experienced her first ever heart attack. The idea was to imagine the world of pain from her perspective in order to gain some understanding of what Jayden might be going through. What was to happen to her was inevitable, and they could not save her. But Jay realized that she was the best anyone could have and she wasn’t only a man’s but also a woman’s best friend. It’s a heartfelt tribute to their best friend, and it couldn’t be done any better.

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