Be Encouraged – Book Review

Be encouraged! The title explains it all. Robin Y. Alford has poured her heart out by discussing her very difficult life in this book. But the book is not just about life and its painful truth; it also explains how you can, through the love of God and determination, overcome these complications.

Robin, a middle child of five siblings faced many problems in her life, one of which was her being a single teen mother of two children. She did struggle in life but God was always watching over her and made sure that she had the strength to face and overcome all of these problems. Robin is now a licensed minister and has received education in the fields of Evangelistic studies, Theology and Human services.

Robin’s writing style invites the reader to hear her life story and be inspired to become the better and successful person that they always aimed to be. Her style is simple which enables the reader to relate with her and understand how they can handle similar situations. The book explains Robin’s life as a child and how she was brought up, her teen years which were some of the most difficult times in her life, and the journey to the present.

The book includes effective ways of decision making for young adults as Robin has put her own experiences into it, where it felt like she was fighting a battle. It was a  battle of choices where some of them were made by her under crucial circumstances and some choices were made for her in which case, she had to find a way to manage things effectively.

Life moves fast and “BE ENCOURAGED”: My Life As A Child Of The King explains how to keep up with it in some of the best ways possible and to never lose hope as God is always with you.

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