The Thawing Man by Derek A. Chowen

An open and honest chronicle of a man that drove his alcoholism to rock bottom and how he found his way back. From the first day of walking through the door of AA to being able to go through life with renewed strength, this book details a journey of building success one day at a time with a vulnerability that will capture your heart. This is a story of overcoming life’s obstacles whether they be alcohol related or not. Amateur life observations of an ex-professional drinker.

“Great writing about early recovery. Please read and share with others – just might change someone’s life and maybe your own.” – Scott Kelly – Executive Director – BASES Recovery Center

” The Thawing Man is an unvarnished first hand look at addiction recovery. Derek’s clever wit, sarcastic humor and candid discussion of his journey will leave you not only rooting for him but also wanting more. A compelling read with lessons for all.” – Rachel Barnett – Addiction Survivor

“Let me introduce you to a guy – Derek Chowen – his sailboat was hit by lightning about six miles off Harrisville Harbor – they limped it in and spent the night – he gave me his card and I visited his website – it’s a story about Derek Chowen and his fight for his own life. It’s a story that SO many live, silently. Whether you have touched a drop of booze or not, I encourage you to read this book, his insight into himself is amazing and enlightening and, above all else, hopeful.” – Ferg Ferguson – USCG (retired) Harbormaster of Harrisville Harbor of Refuge

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