52 Weeks: Expecting


It is never too late to start again. These words ring in my head every day that I pick up my cell phone to start a devotional 5 days late or to check the daily bible verse after breaking a streak. I tell myself, you got this. Each new day grants new mercies. You haven’t spoken to God like you should, but He is still there. Waiting for you to see Him for the gracious and forgiving God that he is. I have grown up in the church and I cannot remember a time when I did not have a church to call home. But there has been a time when I did not feel at home in church. God rescued me from myself, my doubts, fears, insecurities, indiscretions, and each day he reclaims me. This book was my first step towards FULLY walking in my purpose. I am growing towards more transparency because I know God wants me to share my story to bring others closer to Him. This book has been a blessing to me because it represents my obedience and my faith.  It is never too late to start again.

If you are planning to walk into parenthood, by any means, adoption, childbirth, stepchildren, foster children, or if you are simply anticipating that one of these may be in your future, then you are expecting. If you are waiting for God to change you and make your mind brand new, then you are expecting and this book is for you.

This is more than a devotional. It is the voice of a Christian friend for 52 weeks! It does not matter if you read this book from front to back, or just turn to a page without looking; each devotional will touch your heart in many ways.

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