Research Me: God, Body, Illness

Research Me: God, Body, Illness focuses around taking charge of your personal healthcare, without the need to rely solely on a medical professional. Medical professionals always seem to be in ‘practice’, yet with no real remedy to some of the most common illnesses mankind is and continues to face.  Using myself as an example, I show the reader how they too can take control of their health by better identifying the ‘root cause’ of the symptoms they are facing.  And learning by research most illness is reversible through better choices we make. I am currently working through several illnesses that I am finding are related and this has driven me to take a more holistic view to far exceeding a ‘management’ of, but more towards a resolution to the illness.  One of the key elements to a successful approach is to manage your personal (or anyone your responsible for) health, is to keep good records from all medical experiences and tests taken. These are your records, no one else’s and you should be the sole owner of this information to aid in resolving any other medical concerns that arise throughout your life.  Secondarily, keeping a detailed log of activities and foods you have eaten will aid in resolving ‘pop-up problems’ that you face day-to-day.  At the core of our life, God is always there by our sides though all the challenges we face.  ultimately, we will not fail as God’s designs are planned well before we are born.

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