Resilience: A Workbook Subtitle: Powering Through Adversity to Find Happiness

Resilience is something we all want, but how do we get it? Resilience: A Workbook offers a fresh perspective of the inner-workings of resilience. Dr. Den Houter, a psychologist for twenty-five years, was puzzled why one individual would surmount unbelievable challenges to lead a happy life, while another was stuck with just half the worries. From her successful clients, seven resilient qualities emerged, and she is passionate about sharing her findings. Successful clients are those that gain the skills they need from therapy and are able to sustain the therapeutic gains over a lifetime.

In part one of this book, seven resilient qualities are presented through case studies and through personal vignettes of famous individuals who have the same resilient quality. Gaining awareness of resilient qualities is the purpose of this section. Part one moves quickly and each chapter is followed by questions that are good for individual work and for group work guided by a counselor.

In part two of this book, awareness is converted into action by using a practical step-by-step approach. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is shared in a clear, concise manner. Visualization, the importance of relaxation, effective grief recovery exercises, and strategies for building high self-esteem are presented. Finally, the healing power of a thankfulness mindset is explained and highlighted. At the end of each chapter in part two there are questions and activities that enhance learning. This book is a must for counselors, pastors, therapists, counselors, psychologists, teachers and social workers. If these guidelines are followed, you will find resilience to be right at your fingertips.


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