“I’m Lettin’ Go… But I Ain’t Givin’ Up!”

“CLUTTER” – I’m not talking about the clothes scattered on the floor, the boxes of worthless junk sitting in the basement, attic or garage, or the children’s toys strewn throughout the house. No, this CLUTTER is much less obvious and far more dangerous to our health and happiness than any material debris around us. What I’m talking about is “Those negative thoughts and emotions about the people and events in our lives, that we needlessly carry with us, while they slowly drain our positive energy.” What if there was a way to easily clear this clutter-this mental baggage- from your life? THERE IS! And it’s as simple and undemanding as it is effective. And it’s right here in this book. An easy-reading, practical, down-to-earth guide that will show you: 1. What “Letting Go” truly means and how it can help you. 2. Four unique and creative ways you can Let Go of anything. 3. A few easy steps that make Giving Up never an option. Weaving amusing anecdotes and poignant stories from his close, loving relationship with his father, together with insights and personal discoveries made over his 45-year career in sales and marketing management, Tim brings his simple, but powerful message to you with grace and humility.

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