Roar Like a Lion…Again

As we all age, we encounter health challenges which weren’t there when we were younger (under age 40 for the most part).  This book is for men who want to dramatically improve their quality of life as they age.

Is your cholesterol rising? Learn why that is happening and how to keep it within safe limits for you.

Spending too much time in the bathroom?  Like to enjoy an entire night in bed?  Cure the problem in about 10 days.

Think all you need is testosterone?  Rethink that.

Diagnosed with osteoporosis (thinning of your bones)?  Learn why most drugs don’t get the job done and the real solution to having strong, healthy bones.

Worried about prostate cancer?  Discover the most probable cause and how you may avoid this common male problem.  Lost your libido?  Find it and recapture what you remember was a great time in your youth.

We all deserve to age gracefully and in good health.  Learn how you may be able to do it without expensive drugs with unpredictable side effects.

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