The Family Cookbook – Recipes for Cultivation

Don’t let the name fool you. This book is about social enrichment and reminds all of us about a few Principles that help keep the family on a path towards potential.

Our thoughts and actions are the ingredients to a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle and this book looks at a few of the dishes we can serve on a social level to improve the quality of our experiences and interactions.

This Cookbook is promoting Balance and Prosperity to all who partake in the preparation and enjoyment of the dishes contained in this book.

This is just the beginning as the writers at C&CWI are looking forward to hearing from readers about what dishes should be included in Vol. II. Eventually a version including submissions from the public will be published.

The goal of this book is to bring people together and start conversations about solutions to some of the issues we face socially. An improved family value system is one part of the puzzle, and this book is dedicated to improving family structure so all members know they matter & are loved.

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