End of life Manual

1. Whilst you live
2. What is a will
3. What is a funeral Plan
4. over 50’s Insurance
5.  What is an ISA
6. What is a power of attorney?
7. What is an executor?
8. When someone dies
9. Executors duties on death
10.What happens if there is no will?
Whilst you Live!

In this twenty-first century, your life journey is not your own, because of circumstances people are being killed, dying younger and living longer. So we must be prepared for these changes. So as you grow up and become an adult, especially if you are married with a family you must begin to plan your life and your end of life journey with passion and procedures.
Please remember, death has no colour, no class, no age and no time. It is beyond our control. It is never to early form making a will or a funeral plan but most people think it is a taboo to do such plans early.

You must also prepare a documentation of your life plans and retirement plan according to your age.These document files can be kept in your home or at your bank for safe keeping.You can then get one with your life and have a peace of mind.







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