Quick & Easy Meditation: A Self-Help Guide

This is a book for those that miss out on the benefits of meditation because they are too busy.

This book presents a proven approach that will permit anybody to get in 20 – 30 minutes of pure, concentrated meditation A DAY, irrespective of how busy they are!

Part of the two-prong approach is ‘Background Meditation’ – focusing your mind in meditation while you are engaged in another activity, e.g., brushing your teeth or waiting for your kids to start playing soccer. Background meditation enables you to gain the mind/body centering benefits of meditation without having to set aside any time for meditation.

The book also deals with how to do conventional style meditation too – albeit quickly, easily and with zero preparation time. Meditation was never meant to be complicated, demanding or stressful. This book makes meditation fun, relaxing, refreshing and integrates it, smoothly, into your daily life. You will actually start looking forward to your short-burst daily meditation sessions.

This book is about true meditation cut-to-the-chase. It is minimalistic and laid-back but extremely effective. It leverages the inescapable fact that meditation is all in the mind and that the benefits of meditation have to do with triggering the brain’s ‘feel good’ chemicals. Meditation relies on focusing the mind and the best way to achieve that is via focused thinking. Focused thinking does not require you to sit cross-legged, wear expensive yoga pants, have mood lighting or burn incense. You can do focused thinking while seated in a waiting room, standing in line for a latte, taking a shower, going for a walk or shaving.

This book shows you how to meditate leveraging you mind rather than your time. This self-help book will bring beneficial, daily meditation into your life – guaranteed

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