Time to Grab Your Balls and Be a Man by Brian Maxey

The first book in this series, Time to Grab Your Balls and Be a Man, is the foundation of what a man needs to be in Mind, Body and Spirit. It combines humor, psychological breakdowns, a lot of swearing and straight to the point explanations. It is serious and deep, without all of the boring bullshit. This book will help to build the fundamentals needed to master all areas of life.

Most books on this subject are pretty shitty. They cover how to date or how to be in touch with your feminine side. Some cover how to act like a stereotypical man’s man. You know, eating meat and talking sports. And that’s not actually all that bad, but let’s face it, if that’s all you know about being a man then you’re a fuckin’ jackass. This book covers a multitude of subjects and shows you how to be what a true man really needs to be; for himself, for his family and for society. Of course I’m sure there is a question you are dying to ask…”Why should I read YOUR book?” Well, I am not a Celebrity or a Shrink. I am an expert at being a Man. My expertise is how to act, think and feel like a man. How to take lumps and keep on ticking. How to treat people. How to get shit done. My expertise is balancing emotions so as not to be a pussy but not an emotional rock either. I am an expert in working out and getting scars while also knowing how to play with babies. Do you understand where I am going here? I didn’t go to school to learn why you have Daddy Issues, nor have I spent my life on television pretending to be someone I’m not.

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