A Successful and Proven Guide to the First Time Homebuyer

Discover the knowledge you will need to make one of the largest investments in your lifetime purchasing your first home. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to make this important decision. Learn how to find a good real estate agent and the necessary procedures that come with purchasing a home. Dare to take the first step. Read this book, A Successful and Proven Guide for the First Time Home Buyer: Putting It All Together and you will have the home that is perfect for you.


It was my pleasure selling Judith Dickson her first condo. From the very beginning she was a very competent buyer. Judith researched all the available types of mortgages available to her what their interest rates were, from a conventional variable or fixed rate, to an FHA, CHFA, or VA loan. In addition she hired a home inspector to insure her that all items as represented by the sellers’ residential property disclosure report were in working condition. Lastly she chose a real estate attorney who was an expert in the laws of closing a sale, and learned about her obligations as a buyer regarding attorneys’ fees, title search, and closing costs. I would highly recommend you read this book by Judith Dickson if you are intending in purchasing a home.

-Sally S. Kirkutis

Broker/Owner, SKS Realty

I am pleased to recommend Ms. Judith Dickson to anyone who is looking for mortgage advice. I’ve had the pleasure to work directly with Ms. Dickson on several occasions throughout the years. Not only have I assisted her own personal mortgages but also accommodated many of her friends and family with financing needs. I can attest to Ms. Dickson’s extensive knowledge in mortgage financing and I feel as though she would be an excellent representation for anyone speaking about the mortgage industry.

-Richard A. Breed

Senior Mortgage Loan Originator, Village Mortgage

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