A Happy Life For Busy People – Book Review

Neil Panosian has worked in various gaits of life including bartending, the Post Office, and then as a blogger. Working as a postal officer, he often wondered about the direction his life was headed. “Is this it?” was a question his inner voice asked more often than he liked to admit to himself. The thought provoking questions were usually followed by the conversations he quite enjoyed having with all kinds of people. Neil loved getting a sneak peek into their secret to finding joy within their existing lives.

He was in the customer service sector for such a long time that there are many awards accredited to his name including the “Friendliest Person in Greendale” award. After spending over a decade conversing with people from all classes and races, he had collected enough priceless information to create his own blog. What was this blog about? It was about how to avert the existing or incoming negativity into your life into positive notions. From little everyday issues to bigger difficulties we face in life, he covered a wide range of topics, and offered step-by-step instructions to turn those frowns upside down. His blog gained thousands of followers almost instantly – this gave him the motivation to turn his wisdom into a book.

A Happy Life for Busy People is for the majority of people out there, folks who can’t afford extravagant vacations to escape the hustles of life. But just because your bank account isn’t brimming with unlimited cash, should it stop you from being happy? No. And that’s why Neil took this much needed initiative to bring about some joy, or rather a “how to be joyful” guide.

In this book, you will learn that it’s the minor details which make your life a positive experience, and not the big gestures. After you put this book down, you will feel physical knots untying in your brain.

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