Taking God on Patrol – Book Review

A proud resident of Houston, Mark Coronna has served the native Police Department for twenty-eight years until he retired in the year 2011. Alongside working for the police, Mark completed his studies as he was ordained to the gospel ministry in the year 2007 for one year and passed from Liberty University in 2008. After he retired from the police department, he worked for the department’s Crisis Intervention Team and Mental Health Unity for a few years. He lives with his wife, and has three children with her who’re all grown-ups.

Taking God on Patrol is Mark’s first book, and is a descriptive, first-hand memoir of his time in the law enforcement world. Being a practicing Christian police officer brought a new perspective to the world of law and crime,  keeping in complete touch with his core beliefs while chasing criminals down and participating in near death experiences. His constant referrals to the Bible keep him on the right track, and as the title suggests, he really is taking God on patrol with him, since He never leaves his conscious and subconscious mind. Mark found himself directly consulting with the Almighty on every single aspect of his work and personal life. He has lived the ideal life of a Christian believer.

In a world where every media portal portrays the law enforcement in a very unflattering light, Mark has taken the initiative to share his experience with the world – which really helps put matters in a positive light and out of the confines of negativity. Reading this book is a pleasant experience the readers will not forget. If you’re a believer, then Mark’s story will inspire and affirm your beliefs. If you’re not a believer, then it will help you gain a better perspective from a believer’s point of view, hence, strengthening your personal understanding of other beliefs.

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