Chances We Take, Choices We Make by Rick Flores

Chances We Take, Choices We Make200One fact is clear today: we live in a self-centered world. Young Christians often want to live up to God’s purpose for them, but the pressure brought on by friends, relationships, the media, and future plans make it hard to always choose the virtuous, peaceful path that will lead them toward God.

Thankfully, there is a way to develop a Christ-centered life, and it all starts with focusing on God’s Word. In his life-changing book, Rick Flores shares what he has learned in his years as a youth pastor about the hurdles young Christians face, and what they can do to keep their eyes on the life they want. He invites readers to think about some of the most important decisions they will every make:

– Who will you serve?

– What voice will guide your life?

– What will you do when faced with temptation?

– How will you prepare for love and marriage?

– What kind of legacy will you leave?

Young Christians will discover decision points to guide their lives and will learn to consider the long-term when weighing consequences. Perfect for personal growth or group studies and classrooms, young men and women will also realize the wealth of insight and guidance available in God’s Word. Turn your focus toward Christ, and change your life today!

Rick Flores


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