The Journey by Steph Loughman

The Journey200Little Joshua didn’t survive the womb; he passed away when his mother was only seventeen weeks pregnant with him. The second that he died, he was surrounded with this wonderful new life that no one could have ever imagined. While his mom went on with life on earth struggling with his death, he went on to peace and happiness in Heaven.

Joshua enjoyed his life in Heaven; spending his days talking to Jesus and laughing with his grandma while learning all about what his mommy was like. The more he heard about his mom the more he wanted to meet her. Then one day, Jesus told him that he had an idea for Joshua to meet his mommy.

Mommy was having a really hard time with life because of Joshua’s absence so Jesus allows him to visit her in a dream. It is in this dream that she begins to find the same peace and happiness that Joshua has always known.

Having finally met her son and spoken with him about her guilt surrounding his death, mommy is able to continue her life and be happy. She uses his death to help others find peace and joy after suffering.


Overcoming the death of a child before he or she has even begun to live is hard. Whether it be from abortion, miscarriage or still birth the parents will suffer from many different emotions including grief, guilt and shame. The story of Joshua’s short life is helpful for anyone who might be dealing with this issue come to terms with life after the child is gone. The Journey is packed with hope and joy for all who are willing to listen.

Steph Loughman


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