Release the Novel in You by Gina Conroy

Release the Novel in You200You have a novel inside of you – a dream to tell your story – but you don’t know where to start. Maybe you don’t even know what to write. Perfect! In this book, Gina Conroy will release the novel in you! Gina has been writing for over 20 years and has several fiction and nonfiction books published however, her passion is to inspire others to write their story. In addition to teaching writing classes online and at conferences, she co-hosts the Teen Writers Publish podcast on iTunes for teens of all ages.

In her novel writing workbook Release the Novel in You, you will learn what every story needs to be successful. You’ll find your story and create three-dimensional characters people will want to read. You’ll learn to hook your reader and how to structure and craft a dynamic and powerful, page-turning plot that will have readers wanting more. In addition, you’ll review the mechanics of good writing and you’ll learn to write in a way that will have your words jumping off the page and painting a picture in the reader’s mind.

Everything you need to get started on writing your novel is in this book. Don’t put your dream off another day. For more information visit

Gina Conroy


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