Making Independence Happen, One Paw at a Time by Amy Chally

Making Independence HappenImagine not being able to pull open a door, get up from your couch, or pick up a dropped pen. Then imagine having a dog that could help you do all that and more. For Amy Chally, a thirty-four-year-old with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy, this is her life.

Making Independence Happen, One Paw at a Time is a two-part memoir.   First, join Yazzen as he recounts his journey from tiny pup to Amy’s invaluable partner in crime. Read about the lessons he learns, the adventures he takes, and the struggles he overcomes on his way to becoming a life changer for someone who needs him. Nothing will stop this determined canine—not even enticing feathered friends.

Then in Amy’s story, she explains in a friendly, conversational tone, what it means to live with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy. Discover her courage, determination, and faith, as she refuses to let her CP stand in the way of accomplishing her goals. And with the life-affirming assistance and love of her family and Yazzen, she overcomes obstacles and enhances her independence to succeed in ways she never thought possible.  Learn how she got started on her journey to receiving a service dog, her struggles and successes as she fulfills her heart’s desire to help others as a social worker.

It’s heartwarming testament to the powerful bond that exists between Amy and her dog Yazzen—a service dog who is her lifeline to independence, this inspirational story is also a closer look at what it’s like to live with physical differences—while dreaming, laughing, and loving just like everyone else

Making Independence Happen, One Paw at a Time is “A touching story of how faith, a special pup, and a pawsitive attitude changed one woman’s life.”—Kelsey Browning, author of the Prophecy of Love series.

Amy Chally


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