Tommy Wrought: A Musical Reflection Of Children With Special Needs – Book Review

Peter Felton had always had a passion for his home – the City By the Bay, and its public transportation system. A passion so strong that he ended up writing his first ever book about it. It documented everything from its initial outlines to upgrades to milestones to every single route all over the city. He has a degree in Liberal Studies. Felton is a man of diverse interests. Due to his immense interest in music, he became largely influence by the English Rock Band The Who. The band has been a big influence in his life ever since he discovered them and he has been using it as inspiration in his writing.

Which is why his second book HAD to be musical. Tommy Wrought: A Musical Reflection Of Children With Special Needs uses musical elements from The Who’s Rock Opera Tommy. Felton does extensively detailed accounts of all the members of the band, while creating a relation between their backgrounds and how they have affected Felton’s childhood, work life, and personal, too. He explores the grounds and makes surprisingly concrete arguments about the obstacles which root and relate back to music – and how they affect the children’s learning processes. After he has done that, he presents a comparison between those of previous time and modern era – how they’re different and the ways they’re similar. Further goes on to explain how major influences from the surroundings play a solid role in inflicting suffering on the learner. He backs his arguments up with in depth analysis of the lyrics and music of the Rock Opera Tommy – how the relation between various aspects of the old and young are formed, where they collide and where they differ.

This book is not for every reader out there, as it targets very specific areas of the society. If you are a music fan right down to the little technicalities, you will enjoy this Peter Felton book.

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