CHECKING OUT: an in-depth look at losing your mind – Book Review

Catherine Graves is a mother of two and lives in Phoenix. Besides writing, she spends a lot of time volunteering for many medical facilities all around the state of Arizona.

Checking Out is Catherine’s first book, a self help book in the form of an autobiography. We all make mistakes, but how many of us are courageous enough to admit them, salvage the remains, and move forward? Very few. Through this book, Catherine simplifies the process by telling her own experiences and eventual realizations. Her experiences are of the sort every normal person goes through at some point in life. Once her husband starts losing all interest in her and his behavior hints at something suspicious, naturally, Catherine is forced to expect the worst possible reason. In reality, things are quite the contrary. John, her husband, is sick with a fatal brain tumor. The news was anything but easy on both the partners. After John passes away, Catherine has a lot on her plate. Grief, responsibilities, the children, they’re enough to keep her completely occupied. If that isn’t daunting enough, a year down the road, she comes across an abusive man, but she is too blinded by life’s quarrels to realize how she’s being used as a doormat. When she finally gets rid of the leech of a man, she is able to compose herself enough to begin taking care of her family the way she should.

It’s the book that will make you weep and flood your eyes out while you go through Catherine’s journey with her. The anguish of a dying husband, to making the worst mistakes, she’s gone through it all. But she picked herself and the pieces of her life back up eventually. You will learn as she learns throughout the book!

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Serious Reading Rating
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