God Answers Science by Gary W. Driver

This book demystifies the so-called God-Science debate. Driver takes on the big questions of our origin and existence while turning the assertion of the Bible’s incompatibility with science on its head, including an unprecedented scientific account of Genesis which includes the fate of the dinosaurs.

 Science is God’s witness as Creator and affirms the Bible is the divine word of God. Direct answers to major scientific phenomena such as the Higgs field, General Relativity, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Accelerating Universe, Flat Universe, Plate Tectonics, Mass Extinctions, etc., contribute to the extraordinary evidence. This evidence connects God as the first cause, fine-tuner, and designer of the universe.

 His (Driver’s) arguments for God’s hand in creation bear weight because his research and studious attention to many arcane scientific facts go further than many standard treatments of this subject. He has labored diligently to confront and answer most of the arguments that scientists, naturalists or skeptics might produce. – Chanticleer Reviews (5 stars)

 Christian readers who want a Biblically-supported worldview in a synthesis that embraces scientific fact and Bible teachings alike will find God Answers Science a much better balanced and complimentary contrast than the usual pro/anti God stances of other books and will find this offers much food for thought over evidence supporting God’s hand in scientific discoveries and theories. – D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Reviews

 A masterful Bible teacher of over 26 years, Bishop Gary Driver brings together the biblical accounts and scientific phenomena to take you on an unprecedented journey of discovery for the layperson and scientist alike from the first second of the Big Bang to the end of the universe. 

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