Stop Those Hiccups!

Do people always tell you what to do when you get the hiccups? Do their suggestions work?

Teachers and parents of children up to about age 12 use picture books to compare and contrast several concepts. This highly illustrated picture book describes how neighbors work together to find which suggestion will stop Jacob’s hiccups that are causing him to float. The final action REALLY does work every time!

Fun hiccup trivia is mentioned at the end of the story, plus a short explanation of why remedies and actions work.

The author has also created 40+ pages of FREE teacher-led questions and activities, plus a supplemental 100+ page document of Resources for sale. Both documents may be shared with others. Detailed information about these can be found on her website:

The FREE activity questions are very similar for different ages and cover most reading standards. Children with different grade level abilities are able to be taught the same skill at the same time, which is great for parents who home school, or for teachers with students of different ability levels in a class.

Some of the less common topics covered are: find citations or examples in the story, plus write/discuss/draw: their own questions, connection between 2 parts of the story, identify character feelings, rewrite sentences with different tones (like a rapper,  cowboy, etc), and learn different parts of a book or website (following the guided steps of how to access websites to answer questions).

The supplemental Resources document includes: many worksheets, rearranging stanzas, simplified diagrams related to hiccups, and comparing and contrasting using: a media comparison chart (book, poem, drama), plus the story written as a poem (including much figurative language), a second version, and a reader’s theater. Other authors’ picture books with a hiccup theme are mentioned.


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