Opaque – Book Review

Calix Leigh-Reign wrote this Russian mutant, psychological, Sci-Fi fantasy novel as a tribute to her arduous journey as an adult who grew up loving the taboo imperfections of our society. She is a certified paralegal and this is her first attempt of writing a novel. However, her competent writing style doesn’t show her lack of experience due to the fact that she studied and trained under Larry Strauss. She currently serves as a judge for YARWA’s 2016 Rosemary Contest and spends her free time thinking about mind-boggling plots and different ways to transform the world.

Opaque (Scion Saga) is about biokenretic anomalies, Limbal rings, mental dysfunction, romance and the perplexing and complicated Russian ancestry, all intertwined together beautifully into a single story. This page-turner revolves around a misanthropic Adam who is just 16 years old. He indulges his senses by partaking in adventures that are far more dangerous for his age but that never stops him. He unknowingly reaches biokenretic puberty and his supernatural tendencies help him from succumbing to his murderous intentions.

He can’t stop thinking about eliminating the human species from the face of the earth, until he encounters a mysterious Afro-Russian girl, named Carly Wit. She grasps his attention the minute she walks into his English class and the otherworldly countenance jolts him out of his imaginations. His heart longs for her, but he denies any unnatural thoughts of the blossoming love between Carly and himself. His only obsession is to find out everything he can about his lineage and where he came from. He is determined to peel back each and every layer until he finds out his origin, but he is not prepared for the mind-numbing secrets that will change everything.

This is perfect for the readers who are craving for a sci-fi novel with untapped characters with a great potential to develop into something that you will end up falling in love with. Anyone who reads this novel will instantly start dreaming about the story being made into a movie because it has the potential to be converted into a big screen production. The story is well visualized and readers will be delighted to find that the plot is not predictable.

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