Time for the Underdogs – Book Review

Nothing short of perfection could have been expected when 3 brothers teamed up to give the world a story worth reading. Written brilliantly by Jeremy A Mowery, edited by Jarratt Mowery and brought to life by Zach Mowery with a dynamic cover, Time for The Underdogs is one of those reads that simply can’t be missed out on.

The story chronicles the life of an ordinary 11-year old boy, Zak and his friends who are preparing themselves for the battle of their lives against their worst enemies, the Purplekians. Known as the most ruthless force and driven by a wild quest for revenge and hunger to rule over planet Earth, they are plotting against humanity. It all comes down to Zak, the one boy whose powers they have underestimated.
Along with his friends, Zak is ready to take on the aliens who have made life a living hell for the innocent people. It is an epic battle between the world’s greatest enemy and a bunch of schools kids who still have little idea of what they are up against.

Are Zak and his team strong enough to defeat the highly-advanced army of Purplekians or will they too, like the many others before them, suffer? Will they save the world from utter destruction?

A truly pleasurable read with many unexpected twists and turns, the readers will get lost in the engaging tale of Zak and fall in love with his will and determination to bring peace to his people. Fast-paced, well-sketched and a writing style that matches many great sci-fi authors, Time for The Underdogs is indeed an enjoyable read.

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Serious Reading Rating
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