Fertility Pirates – Book Review

Author Lynn Donovan was born with an eagerness for writing and reading. However, Donovan blames her occasional muses for coming up with the stories. Famous for writing in the speculative fiction genre, Donovan has a number of series and standalone novels under her name. Bearer of strong believes, Donovan’s works also reflects Christianity and religious viewpoints. Being a daughter, wife, mother and a grandmother, Donovan has lots of time on her hands and years of experience for drawing inspirations. The first book of The Abraham Project was published in December 2015.

The story begins as a dying civilization cries for help. The cry is heard by a small group of missionaries who take it upon themselves to bring the reproductive technologies and the Christian gospel back. They name the mission “The Abraham Project”. Under the leader ship of Austin Abraham, the group of scientists, medical personnel and humanitarians set off. However, things go a little haywire when their mission is intercepted and the god-fearing soldiers end up trapped until one of them gets smuggled back to the earth.

Trapped amidst it all is Molly. When she witnesses the return of her sister sterile and talking impossible things, she takes the smart way out and goes undercover. To make things more complicated, accompanying her on her next pilgrimage is Dr. Deuce Abraham, son of Austin Abraham, and Molly does not trust him at all. Will she be able to make it past unscathed or will she too return sterile and a victim of all the deceptions.

An investing story, Donovan knows how to keep her readers interested. With the right amount of mystery and intrigue, the story is well written to get hooked from the very start. Being a good Christian that Donovan is, she also leaves a life-lesson for readers to learn by the end of her novel.

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