Bird Box: A Novel – Book Review

Josh Malerman deserves a standing ovation for his chilly debut inspired by the exquisite terrors of Stephen King classics. Bird Box is a conundrum – a cliffhanger set in the post-apocalyptic future so unsettling, so propulsive it will leave the readers terrified and on the edge of their seats.

Imagine the fate of Malorie and her two unnamed children, sleeping blindfolded each night with thick blankets covering their windows and staying indoors forever in a world where evil darkness yet unknown prevails, and of course, never-ending fear. Having lost her sister to this ill-fate, Malorie finds sanctuary with a group of strangers with the will to survive. This has been her life for five years now after the world experienced this horrendous apocalypse and only a few survived. Five years ago, rumors of an unseen highly lethal terror befell the world. All alone and pregnant with twins, Malorie had lost all hope of survival to something that is out there which drives people to savagely go mad and kill themselves. In the last four years, Malorie had taught her children the right use of senses, mainly hearing, as sight was of no use. Now that her kids are four, today is the day for Malorie and her children to escape the horrors. Of course, she has no idea of the here and how yet.

The readers will surely be intrigued with the journey Malorie takes despite of the uncertainties of what’s out there to get them and whether her beloved family will survive. It’s a masterpiece that stimulates trepidation, fear, and an accurate representation of what’s “out there”.  It’s physiological and supernatural at the same time, defying all prior theories of the functioning of human mind and intrinsic fears.

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Serious Reading Rating
86 %