Rocket Babe: Dust Storm – Book Review

Stephen R DeArman was obsessed with astronomy and space science since he was four years old. His fascination with the outer world truly inspired him to write this thrilling series featuring Rocket Babe, whose only mission is to put all wrongs to right regardless of where the events transpire in the galaxy. The author Stephen grew up in the 1960’s when the space and all things related were magical to a young boy who watched the launches of Apollo, Mercury and Gemini in his classroom.

His father worked for a subcontractor for NASA in Alabama, and then worked briefly with Werner Von Braun in Huntsville. His close proximity to space related personnel at a young age primed him for building space models and rockets. Although he still enjoys making rockets and flies regularly with his wife, his true passion lies in writing, which will become quite evident once you start reading.

Rocket Babe: Dust Storm starts with a background of what happens before the story transpires. The year is 1982 and thousands of years of alien abduction and cruel experimentation later, humankind has finally gained the ability to fight the external forces. The covert branch of U.S. Military is mankind’s only hope. The Deep Space Strike Force’s Flagship U.S.S. PANDORA has an elite crew of 23 personnel who are all trained in the art of covert operative missions. Their mission is to eliminate the alien threat once and for all.

However, what they didn’t know is that just like their aircraft’s namesake Pandora, once the box is opened the contents cannot be returned back. The man opened the box this time instead of the goddess Pandora and an intelligent women has to find a way to deal with the consequences and to stop them from consuming the earth. Verna Starr, A.K.A Rocket Babe is in charge of this mission to eliminate the threat of the dust storm rising on mars that can envelope the whole solar system and rage for centuries if it is not stopped in its tracks.

The readers will be surprised to find that his is not just an ordinary space adventure with aliens and strange creatures that roam distant planets. This is a fun and exciting novel, which will come as a pleasant surprise to the readers. The historical details that are interwoven with the story will delight readers and the technical details peppered with a heavy dose of urban legend is intrinsically blanketed in pure science fiction that will be a progressive journey for everyone who reads this book.

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