Progenitor – Book Review

Progenitor” is Sherri Moorer’s first attempt as a writer. Ever since a little girl, Sherri loved storytelling but had never really attempted to write a book, until the revolutionary eBook formats were introduced, giving her the perfect opportunity to showcase her creative stories. Sherri has always been an opportunist and has worked on not just one but many different genres.

When not writing, Sherri can be spotted working full-time in professional licensing which may seem boring to some, but Sherri believes it gives her the perfect opportunity to interact with as many people as she can. It may be hard to believe but this was what ultimately inspired her to write.

The book chronicles the life of an electrical engineer Kalea Kerner, who was about to step into the business world by taking over her father’s business. Unfortunately, she had terrible accident involving a broken foot. While the doctor told her to wait and rest, her uncle sat up from his deathbed and healed her foot without the assistance of any nanotechnology, which left both Kalea and her doctors puzzled. But Kalea’s case is not the only one.

Reports of miracle healing are circulating her state, leaving everyone shocked and happy at the same time. The witnesses to these renaissances are showcasing abilities that are beyond human intelligence; impossible to understand by medical experts, scientists and the government. The witnesses are evolving but the healers are degenerating back to their original diseases which make the whole thing even more confusing and unreal. These strange, miraculous events then become the uniting force of all scientists, doctors and ordinary men and women whose lives have been grappling with the likelihood that something much greater than advanced technology may soon enter the world.

The book is exceptionally well written with unpredictable twists and turns that will leave the readers guessing till the very last minute. All the characters described in the book are both relatable and believable. A great start to a perfect series, only time will tell what more imaginative stories Sherri has in store for the lead protagonist Kalea Kerner!

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