The Oncoming Storm – Book Review

With a very high rating on Amazon, Goodreads and Google Books, The Oncoming Storm Angel in the Whirlwind is a thrilling science fiction book released in September 15, 2015. Christopher G. Nuttall, the well-famed author of this book, is one of the most recognized indie authors in the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing book, with over 18 novels released so far.

Everything starts in the year 2420 when war commences between two of the galaxy’s most extended empires – the protectionist Commonwealth and the tyrannical Theocracy. Young office Katherine (Kat) is sent to command the Commonwealth’s most advanced ship against her own will. She soon discovers that the battle is fiercer than ever and the enemy is much stronger than the Commonwealth.

After reading the Oncoming Storm Angel in the Whirlwind, many science fantasy passionate have declared themselves enthusiastically, saying that this is one of the most intense stories they’ve ever had the honor to read. The narrative is smooth, with complex characters that use their own creativity to get out of harmful situations. For instance, Kat does some huge errors when commanding the Lightning battleship, but she also knows how to make up for them by commanding the Commonwealth to victory.

Chris Nuttall has managed to do it again. Readers were taken aback once again by his sheer amount of creativity and skill, making his way into an expanded universe that mankind only dreams of reaching in the distant future. The story of this novel definitely falls into the unique category of: “the best morning cup of coffee”.

Once again, Chris Nuttall has done a marvelous job when writing his latest novel. This space opera brings much more to the table than some other of his books, such as A Small Colonial War or the Nelson Touch. The Oncoming Storm Angel in the Whirlwind is recommended for all avid readers looking for a whole new spatial adventure.

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