Arisen: Cataclysm – Book Review

Most novel series are lucky to get through a trilogy, but the Arisen series shows just how well it can maintain its bestselling streak with the latest entry, Cataclysm. Written by popular bestselling author Michael Stephen Fuchs, Cataclysm is the ninth book chronicling a post-apocalyptic world overrun by the living dead.

Cataclysm continues the story that was first begun in Fortress Britain, written in collaboration with Glynn James. Millions of zombies have overrun the world, and the scattered pockets of humanity that make up what’s left of the human race are few and far between. The majority of humanity is holed up in the United Kingdom, but in this newest novel that last stronghold is finally in danger of being destroyed. The great wall constructed around London to keep the vengeful zombies at bay has been breached, and very little can be done to save the city from the undead.

There is only one slight hope left to humanity: a Hail Mary mission to the heart of the African continent to recover patient zero, the first human who fell victim to the zombie virus. By capturing him and returning him to the only remaining scientific laboratories that still operate, there is a slight chance that a cure can be formulated to save the entire planet from zombie destruction.

The Arisen series as a whole has occupied a number of Amazon #1 spots in various categories from Post-apocalypse Fiction to Military Fiction, and seems destined to hold those spots until our very own real world apocalypse – and possibly long after. Any zombie fans out there are sure to find something here for them, as well as anyone into the military tech thrillers that helped Fuchs make a name for himself in the first place. The series may be drawing to a close, but it will live on as an excellent example of zombie fiction done right.

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