The Never Hero – Book Review

The Never Hero (Chronicles of Jonathan Tibbs Book 1) is an intriguing, thrilling, witty adventure by T. Ellery Hodges. The story chronicles the life of Jonathan Tibbs, who finds himself having to play the unlikely role of the hero, becoming the only hope in a decisive fight against a ruthless alien enemy only he can challenge.

Jonathan Tibbs comes about and finds himself in a pool of blood. From this moment onwards, his life is about to take a complete turn as he finds himself having to face an enemy who speaks a language only he can understand. The violent enemy seeks nothing else beside total carnage for all that cross his path. And he is yet to find a worthy opponent to his blood antics, not until he meets Jonathan Tibbs, whose unique ability to employ supernatural powers gives him the edge needed to save everybody else from certain ruin. The entire adventure is roller-coaster ride, especially as Jonathan Tibbs tries to get a handle on the powerful otherworldly capabilities he now wields.

Don’t be fooled – you will not just be getting an edge-of-the-seat sci-fi thriller when you decide to read The Never Hero (Chronicles of Jonathan Tibbs Book 1). The fast-paced adventure is certainly beyond compare, but more importantly, you will find the philosophical precepts this book explores very intellectually stimulating. So, don’t be surprised if you go to bed as you still chew over the unique inspiring ideas presented by T. Ellery Hodges in this powerful thriller. That said, the question on your mind at the end of the book will be, how do I get my hands on Book 2?

The Never Hero epitomizes what great sci-fi thrillers are made of. After reading this book, you will have to put it in the must-read list so that you can give it another go. The storytelling mastery that has gone into this thriller, as well as the philosophical concepts it explores, will make lovers of this genre keep talking about this book for years to come.

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