The Atlantis Plague – Book Review

Few writers have what it takes to realistically combine fiction and medicine. A. G. Riddle is one of those few. The Atlantis Plague is a testament to that statement. A. G. Riddle awakens the fear within all of us as he takes us down a road of fear… Fear that the story may actually be true!

A. G. Riddle has based his novel in Spain. The story revolves around a doctor named Kate Warner. One day Kate wakes up to find that the human race is on the brink of extinction. The reason why is terrifying. A pandemic has started sweeping over the globe. The cause of the pandemic is the deadly Atlantis Plague. It has been found that those people who do not die after being infected get transformed at a genetic level. With billions dead, some industrialized nations offer a miracle drug named orchid.

The only problem with Orchid is that it only treats the symptoms of the disease and offers no cure. The Immari International however prefer to let the disease run it’s course. They want the world to be inhabited by superior survivors. With no one backing down the Orchid Alliance and the Immari International descend into open warfare. Dr Kate Warner is the only person who holds the key to humanity’s survival. Her journey makes her unravel a mystery that has laid dormant for centuries. She soon finds out that saving the world may require a bigger sacrifice than she was ready for.

A. G. Riddle has spun a wonderful web of mystery, fear and even reality. He has based his story on our deepest fears… Fears of illness and fears of extinction. Each sentence will hold your rapt attention as you turn the pages. The fear and the excitement will get to you in such a way that you will find your heart racing and your hands getting clammy!

The book ‘The Atlantis Plague’ plague has all the key ingredients of literary masterpiece. Fear, anger, hate and an instinct for survival make this a novel that you will not want to put down once you start reading.

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