The Ember War – Book Review

Written by Richard Fox, The Ember War is more than your typical Sci-Fi novel. It is part of the Ember War Saga sequel that has taken the shelves of late by storm. More importantly, however, is its deeply intriguing and realistic story line despite the fact it is supposed to be a post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi drama book.

The setting takes place in the distant future ( possibly several centuries from today ). An alien probe lands on earth with the sole mission of evaluating whether humanity has all it takes to survive an invasion by an inexorable armada.

Therefore, as it so happens, the probe unearths the chilling fact that Marc Ibarra – a young innovative inventor – holds the key to the salvation of half the earth’s population. And in effect, humanity’s sole chance of survival is pegged on the ability for Ibarra to keep his secret and also find a good plan that can steer the world to survival.

In short, the Ember War highlights how a single fleet, a common mission and more importantly, a hidden purpose can make or break the earth. And the explosive adventure is just but one of the three installments of this stimulating Sci-Fi omnibus.

Unlike many other ‘Space Marine’ and Sci-Fi opera books, the Ember War stands out exceptionally in the way it is not only realistic but also simply worded. The author has purposely avoided populating the text with unnecessary jargon or technical terms which, of course, makes it easy and fluid enough even for the average novel enthusiast.

The Ember is one of those rare, well-written Sci-Fi books with a military twist to it and brings to life both drama and ultra fast-paced action. It has real and relatable characters as opposed to the usual cardboard cut-outs you will find in other fictional books. And at 350 pages, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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