The Ruins of Anthalas – Book Review

The Ruins of Anthalas (The Ember War Saga Book 2), by Richard Fox, is the sequel to the Ember War Saga, a captivating sci-fi thriller that illustrates mankind’s attempt to survive a looming alien invasion after the first attack left humanity in shambles.

The world is attacked by Xaros, and, as a result, the existence of the human race is on the line. The alien warlords may very well return – except that the last remnants of humanity have no way of fronting a formidable defense. The only hope for survival comes in form of a message from an alien race that could have the means to help restore the ruined space fleet.

Interestingly, a different race has received the message as well, and what ensues is a thrilling adventure where humanity endlessly teeters on the brink of oblivion. The action-packed story consists of ruined alliances, new friendships, and a relentless journey to help humanity survive the looming attack.

As far as space operas go, The Ruins of Anthalas (The Ember War Sage Book 2) certainly features among the best the genre has given us in the last couple of years. Fox’s military experience certainly works to his favor as he weaves an intricate, yet intriguing web of adventures that make this book such a powerful thriller. Still, he manages to pull off great character development while still keeping the book’s overarching theme going at a brisk pace.

As the second book in the series, with a third book on the way, this book does a great job of delivering on the expectations built up during the first book. At the same time, its suspenseful ending will definitely keep you looking forward to getting your hands on the third book in the series.

Lovers of sci-fi adventure will find world of adventure in The Ruins of Anthalas (The Ember War Sage Book 2). The book retains its thrill from the first page to the last, and the build up for a third book is nothing if not credible.

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