Extinction Evolution – Book Review

Nicholas Sansbury Smith is well-known for his Extinction Cycle books. His themes have always been rousing and thought-provoking. Readers are more often than not compelled to follow through everything they read by him, and the continuation of these series has always showcased a strong grip on the specific themes he explores. The Extinction Evolution is the fourth book in his series, and it continues his plot lines from the captivating point the predecessors left the saga.

Extinction Evolution picks up at the point where military has been destabilized. Central Command is no longer around, and members of the feared Ghost Squad are no longer the envy of everyone around-because there is actually nobody around, just a bunch of scattered souls seeking to redeem the world from its wayward leanings.

Reed Beckham wants some of his soldiers to get back to the war front, but those who have picked up injuries have to stay at Plum Island and come to terms with their own sense of loss as well as cope with the changes affecting the outer world. The Ghost Squad is disjointed, lost, and betrayed by the same country they have always shown loyalty to. However, they still have a feeling that it is their duty to save humanity-or what is left of it.

Extinction Evolution is set against a realm that is on the verge of collapse. By conjuring the Ghost Squad, Smith manages to paint the picture of a group that stays loyal to its cause even when the world around it is slowly crumbling and all human ideals become obsolete.

Even though there is a great deal of betrayal in this book, what stands out is the valiant determination of a few right-minded individuals who seek to do what is right-even if the present moment pays little credit to their travails.

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