Word World – Book Review

Word World is a sci-fi thriller written by Vincent H. Ivory, who resides in a suburb of Columbus, OH, with his family. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, and was also raised there. From a very early age, he was fond of reading and writing, and his interest developed through comic books. Vincent writes poetry, screenplays, books, and marketing material every day. According to him, writing is a therapeutic experience as it helps him to express his feelings through words, whether it is joy or anger or any other emotion. Word World is Vincent’s debut novel, and he has written four books to date including this one.

The protagonist of Word World is Jerry Jergensen, a scientist who is a part of a modern science research team working tirelessly to create a doorway into an alternate universe. The research is being conducted at a research facility at Columbus, Ohio, and the invention is like a “dimensional mirror”, which enables people from this planet to overcome the dimensional barrier and travel to an Earth-like parallel world. This new world is called Dabar and has human-like inhabitants, who have the same way of thinking, but different perceptions. The only problem with Dabar is that here, the utterances become real, meaning that the lies and careless words said in anger can alter the fabric of reality and can result in disastrous outcomes.

While in Dabar, Jerry meets a beautiful, avid churchgoer. He learns from her the real importance of prayer. After many casualties of Jerry’s exploration team members, the military on the real Earth is making preparations to come to Dabar, and start their mission of colonization in the newly discovered world.

Is performing colonization in this strange, new world a good idea? Will the people be able to control their baser instincts and their malicious nature? Although this is a debut novel by Vincent, it is one of the most intriguing what-if tales out there, which makes it a book worth reading.

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